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Marketplace Webinar - The Breakfast Series

28 de oct 2020 - 29 de oct 2020

Start your day with a boost of energy and get updated on the latest trends in the US salmon market

October 28: The new norm: US consumer trends in food & seafood post Covid (09:00 - 10:00) CL

  • Arlin Wasserman, CEO, Changing Tastes "Research on US consumer trends for food and seafood during COVID times and beyond".
  • Linda Cornish, President, Seafood Nutrition Partnership "Demographics on US seafood consumption, benefits of omega-3s for human health, and upcoming US dietary guidelines update".
  • James Griffin, Executive Director, Chilean Salmon Marketing Council "Research & perspectives on challenges and opportunities for Chilean salmon marketing in the US market". 
  • Sebastian Goycoolea, CEO, BluGlacier "BluGlacier’s experience bringing Silverside®, a sustainably raised Chilean Coho salmon, to the US market and promoting health and wellness".

ModeratorKatherine Bryar, Head of Global Marketing & Branding, BioMar


October 29: New opportunities: sales channel diversity and community trust (09:00 - 10:00) CL

  • Julia Blanter, Director of Digital Marketing, Fulton Fish Market "Trends in online marketplaces, how to engage consumers, and new opportunities for selling salmon online".
  • Blake Stok, Aquaculture Manager, US Fair Trade "Fair Trade brand, sustainability and social elements of the standard, and local community engagement".
  • Vidar Gundersen, Global Sustainability Director, BioMar Group "BioMar’s Discover Tool that implements traceability for salmon products and the ability to trace all raw materials and their environmental impact".

ModeratorJill Kauffman Johnson, Head of Global Market Development, Corbion Algae Ingredients